20 years before economy are great and why

20 years before economy are great and why

Australia is a good country ( Globalization all money black and white are coming to australia.President before make an announcement your 4 big potato bank cannot even ask people where is your money from if you want child care age care and everybody have job.because our tax is very expensive if still ask alot will have no one and no job. so bank have confident . release their potential till no limit ( This is the reason bank can provide alot of job even dont have to…….,but now staff will cut to half at least .the golden economy grow from pass 10 years .this is the reason market have alot money,( Mix with mining, education and thourist, property so business are easy to do. 1 dollor you can sell up to 5 dollor or more.or you just buy 2 or 3 house or just buy the share of bank just the dividend you can get dont need to work at all. ( taxi driver 1 day can earn AUD 500 .but after recently all the money already stop(  Go other country start from 5 and 6 years before . market dont have money keep coming in . This is main problem .

Second problem because Price ( if you have a good product or good service , so you need a goverment give you a competative tax rate( 15 percent ) only you can win and provide job but they check tax too(45 percent t medicare 2 percent = 47 percent ) . ooh no , now all boss move reside ( not live at australia anymore ).westpac already plug at singapure ( because non corruption and low or no tax after provide job and R&D ( R & D you spent 100 dollor goverment give you extra 300 dollor back) .See bank run aways first . how do australia possible to have job you will find out australia have alot of scam but real reason are not , because if they charge you expensive you dont want and run aways. so they have to scam you , that is no o ther choice. really very hard ,now only have goverment job.( the best job is soldier, detective this kind of job , good money better then escort) due to pendemic nurse now are hard and why .( problem always happen  patient come at same time but equitment not enough.) have to respect nurse . this is must.

Their strategy is to show that there are good person due to politic .but you are not , their everything claim govermement , but you everything pay yourself and you have staff. some of your staff are pregnant too . ooh no too hard to do. .( New globalization tax law, the more job you provide the less tax you pay the more responsibility you have to bear , because globalization pri minister want you provide job . now really need job, really very hard..But australia dont have .( 200 dollor  one week 100 dollor one week , they just kick the ball to you . after one they take back the incentive, how you can face your staff or you keep lossing?

Pls be realistic : babe are in hungry,no job now. once you do competative tax rate. if someone do wrong dont fine . ( because great product must be wrong at first time, ones you do back that money same like 20 years before and try push up all the price of the product and service. Two you choose one . dont make private sector too hard so many fees.( really australia have a lot great person but they create so many fees and too many tax make good person have no money to help other people anymore. australia have 2 party . one is labor one is laberal. labor want ( tax ) laberal ( morison goverment ( want job ) you choose for you babe.which one is better.

Quiet australian you met at the street. if they tell you everything they know.( good heard people) i can assume you everything dont want to do anymore.


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