Aussie are lazy?

Aussie are lazy?

Around the world have alot top 5 good and services are develop by Aussie australian. this is the reality that no one tell you.

Aussie entrepeneur and invester; something that no one tell you . they can just see one girl up to few years.they never cut staff salary , but goverment create ultra high electricity bill, gas bill, and tax for them and You.,

Cost of business have 4 .

  1. material of product ( aussie boss never cut because want sell customer good product )assume new house you buy now make by other will have water coming down when you are sleeping because don’t have profit and all
  2. Staff salary  ( aussie boss never cut even they are very hard)
  3. Try to follow the law ( But the law make everything easy become hard,1000, till 10000 law)
  4. Tax (something that  no one want to pay)

If anyone cannot’ met australian entrepeneur and good boss pls dont supprise, because they already move offshoes or reside, because dont have other way , before is this few country , singapure, switzerland, panama, dubai, caymen island, vanuatu but after trump become president now all at Us( President trump not pay tax because smart , but President trump donate and pay his staff very good money) assume other dont need to pay all australia entrepeneur are gone . now only have china, and some oversea company,( but after pendemic , china gone too ,( Tax 15 percent cheap then hongkong alittle bit hongkong is 16.50) at hainan to atract global business go open head office so really dont know how to do, try apply goverment job . this is the last job at australia. all the fees are keep sent to everybody at australia really too hard now.

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