beat way to recover from cov-19

beat way to recover from cov-19

visit ATA ( australia are number 1 country recover from cov-19 if can follow advise from ata , swizerland singapure, dubai this kind of country will being debate by us and all hardworking australian can come back and invest and provide job . china can go back.. and who is australia real competator ? here

Not just invester and enrepreneur can provide job and student they want too .england want this cake too.

No Ato because Invester, entrepreneur (wiling to provide job), professional people already success being scare away.

Top richman at australia invest at us ( he run aways, casino boss want sell casino and run aways, 4 big bank is very hard now,because lack of competator. because of  ( privacy and secrecy (they can check your account)  of account holder are not being protect and high tax.) and bank have no money. Now is country debate with country if policy not change we will going to loss.(alot criminer will happen and alot people will become lazy because cannot earn money and have no money.

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