Beautiful girl want vs gentlement want!!!

Beautiful girl want vs gentlement want!!!

Beautiful girl 

  1. Only want see nice person ,
  2. Dont want disclose selfie but because this is not doctor lawyer or accountant.
  3. willing to discouse her real nationality , real young , real pretty or super pretty ,
  4. Dont want cheap .girlfriend experience no problem other service is hard
  5. Hope can met her best man
  6. The expectation of beautiful girl is like This

Gentlement ( Dont care rich or poor and which country with whatever nationality (90 percent correct)

  1. Real (everybody want real but real life is even the most stupid person know how to find real, is imposible have one man dont know how to find real .the untra super expensive all is real .. (actually they dont want real because even real not beautiful fat or too old they dont want too) sugarbaby website is focus on young
  2. Dont need to be real pic but want real information ( real beautiful , real young , real nationality , example real blonde or real korea.

Auscracker and updategirl is the only website to create win win situable with both happy.

(Actually dont met the girl or man at same nationality with you because it willing choosy and picky, just find man or girl other then your own country , 99 percent problem can be settle, because everybody thing if next time have a baby the baby will be super cute because mix is the best  this is a dream

We not sure our site can be the best or no , but if we can provide great information we can guarantee so many people met their spouse at our site because when dont need disclose privacy beautiful girl will be alot ,and respectful gentlement will be alot too because they get the correct information they want.( and the gentlement automatic will become like hardworking australian because dont have second choice)

Only one type or people we cannot help ..  that is the person always complaint cheap.( Big-w forever cannot find adidas , hungry jack beef forever impossible make by wafu beef )

Pls dont see our site dont want complaint. because we cannot change your mind we have to change our self to settle problem, so dont look is the best way or give a call to billgate or jackma tell them to find a girl beautiul girl for you with 100 dollor , and see what they tell you.

Why cheap dont have pic , because $ less question alot dont have any mean at all , real reason is not dont have pic , everybody have pic but sent to you dont have any mean at all.(all corner around the world will be same england thailand affica everywhere)

At asia the most richman is thai king but he go to heaven already

If have change we can go to other planet we will let you know overthere have different thinking or no)

Actually when we die , billgate, jackma, tom cruise, chow yun fat, thai king they might be just sleep next to us, so dont need to be very calculate if we can live one more days we can do alot of thing so happy is most important.

We all already lucky can eat can sex sometime even can one hour 2 time and we just live peaceful ,dont create problem and every thing will be fine.!!!!

So wish best of luck



(Small pig )


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