Experience!! love!!!

Experience!! love!!!

Around the world have 7.7 billion people living .Do two of you know how hard to met each other in your life.the per cent is less then 0.0000001 change.Good or no ot sure might be is god want two of you to met .so true or false not important , never argue, when you become old then you think about what is happening is a good experience for your life bye. wish two of you happy forever.

(at australia if a girl love you you need to pay 2,+++ for monthly expense not include house loan or rent , if not love you i dont know   how much ,this is the real figure)

Population by continent

Population by continent (2016 estimates)
Most populous countryMost populous city (metropolitan area)
Asia96.44,4361,382,300,000[note 1] –  China35,676,000/13,634,685 – Japan Greater Tokyo Area/Tokyo Metropolis
Africa36.71,216186,987,000 –  Nigeria21,000,000 – Nigeria Lagos
Europe72.9738145,939,000 –  Russia;
approx. 112 million in Europe)
16,855,000/12,506,468 – Russia Moscow metropolitan area/Moscow[15]
North America[note 2]22.9579324,991,600 –  United States23,723,696/8,537,673 – United States New York Metropolitan Area/New York City
South America22.8422209,567,000 –  Brazil27,640,577/11,316,149 – Brazil Metro Area/São Paulo City
Oceania4.539.924,458,800 –  Australia5,005,400 – Australia Sydney
0.004 in summer
(non-permanent, varies)[14]
N/A[note 3]1,200 (non-permanent, varies) – McMurdo Station

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