Adelaide = imposible to have beautiful girl ( depend on mood, if police didnot go take girl money , all website can do pic verify,if have police go take girl money during that period . no website can verify, and girl will be not beautiful) If you see old girl , you only can blame adelaide goverment because is their fault. ( because now is police take girl money , who you can report , already no one can report anymore )

sydney = Too many ( one day you see one , until you die cannot finish see all the girl ) brothel, sugarbabe and private have beautiful girl . mostly massage shop dont have beautiful girl .

Queensland = Too many ( just dont go cheap)

melbourne = Too many but law have problem and this kind of law nearly around the world only melbourne are different )

= Ask police and lawyer before , they say dont know whos the rubbish poltician who set this law. and lawyer say all                                 business have alot rubbish law and dont know what the law for ?

( Dialog police with girl at melbourne )

Police : If you see bad person take advantage on your  remember give me a call, no other reason, take advantage on girl is wrong. escort or not escort for me is the same. protect girl is my first priority because I have a daughter. ( real australia value)

Girl : Thank you

Perth = Too many

Darwin = Dont have girl , man dont have too , everything dont have

Canberra = lonely state , have beautiful girl but not much