if anyone tell you to do business at australia pls never think at all . you will lost everything you have. but if you want find love , wife or girl you can come to australia . really alot beautiful girl more then US and is good girl too.but business never think , try apply goverment job if you can. because if at private area you will have alot of fees, and this is not accident. 1)salary is 19 dollor per hour you need give your staff 21 till 25 dollor only you staff only will try his best , second counser fees and all the goverment bill are keep increasing and the third our company tax is higher around the world higher then US.If you want provide job they want charge you payroll tax .this is the reason you boss scare to employ staff . provide job dont have incentive but need pay more !!!!! so you guarantee loss. this is all quiet australia let me know. and i let you know now.( they say want to increase investment and job but is impossible, because you are the one who do , but you are not the one who earn .Try apply goverment job . pendemic before  australian enterepreneur already run aways to panama, us, caymen island,singapure, switzerlano .dubai because provide job have incentive all is good company and boss are good heart.but now all gone so australia now only have goverment job.their family and baby can growth up very healthy and happy but you are not.this is very sad story.but real. australia number 1 website web owner before pendemic run aways to swtzerland to release from the tax bill and red tape.( that is no other choice).

If you really want invest at australia you need ask advice from old accountant at australia because he nearly die . he teach you the real.or you direct ask Ato stuff privately . they will tell you .Australia really have 2 type of tax law