Sorry to tell is cruel need to find way to earn more money .they is no other way…….because everything are too expensive now …..girl want find someone to look after her …..(always remember around the world beautiful girl are expensive and wife are more expensive to avoid being scam).Your president, your mom, you sister , your boss, your manager. If beautiful all have one dream, that is dont need to work have someone look after. so really we dont have other ways.( but when you at a hard time they will look after you back)

When you met girl you like ,forever you phone will no battery , stuck on traffic, stuck at work,stuck at money and dont know why the distance to met her always is far and the weather will be too cold or too hot.but beautiful girl still will wait for nice person!!!!! and never actually that is $1 dollor but you think is $1000 dollor. 

If met a girl you like and worry other man will look at her too .what have to do is give her more food to eat and make her more fat