If anyone tell you invest property at australia pls dont do. why

1)Property at australia are not expensive ( good for investment )

2)bank interest rate are cheap ( bank are hard ) ( they need bank ask customer where is your dad from where is your mom from where is your money from make bank hard to do business , netflix account usage more then 50 dollor . they will ask what is that?

( The good thing)

But the fees, they set are expensive , if they short or money they will increase the fees again and you cannot run from the fees.

( Electrical bill , water bill ,car park fees , counser fees and alot of fees create for you legally) they d’ont need see your face at all , they just need  set the fees they set you up.)

The best condom at australia is city counser.they just need to know how much population devide to all small and medium size business and they will know you will move to heaven anot. and them are being protected because they never involve.