Main reason ( around the world all is fake pic , even your country ( and dont need to know which country you from just know 100 percent Fake. but australia have real )

  1. because this is not doctor lawyers or accountant.and mostly even doctor lawyer and accountant dont have pic too at their advertisement.
  2. because have bad person (95 percent is person who on drug)
  3. Escort at australia is legal at most state ( but some are stuck at old man law, but actully the law set is for good heard but just dont have mean and dont have efficiency, )
  4. If anyone can guarantee no police go take girl money and no robberry happening . 100 percent real pic can guarantee for sure.

Example : when you go see gp doctor he will give you a letter to do ct scan and body check , after you get the report need make a booking go back to see the gp again and two of them are not at the same place , and always  A tell you go see b and b tell tell you go see c or downstair tell you go upstair and upstair tell you go back downstair .fire boost happen now and already collect all the money but cannot direct pass to the person at hard time because as law say need to apply and pass some circumstance. when they pass it people died already . cannot tell clearly but is real problem happen across australia ( but main is for make sure everything 100 percent correct but just not realistic and and cost effectiveness.[head pain give you panadol, leg pain panadol too.]

but real tax exampt and tax incentive will announce at 2020 May to settle the problem call if not expensive that will be slow to make us be very competative and can provide alot of job, we hope everybody can come invest and benefit from This.australia a really a good country.pls come have a look.

4.because old worry man dont like.( some have baby have to look after and dont have choice everything are so expensive)