Of course if You not respect girl or involve in too many girl business. This must happen to you ( real information that no one tell You ) happening Around the world.

1)Small Problem, = You will stuck on money , headache, and cannot focus on work and your ear will have trouble.

2)Big problem =  You will loss your job and loss your career and you will finish.

But if you respect girl you will become like ( rich ) Get so many idea to become rich, so she can rely on you dont need to work can focus on watch Youtube,stay at home look after baby, go shopping ,go travel and go to gym.They always hope You can success.

Step to become rich at australia.Secret No one will tell you.don’t care which department from whatever business you will being fuck and complaint by alot of girl ( they are intelligent , beautiful, smart, have money, hardwork ) because she want you improve and improve ,So after you success you will become ………………. no hair !! no time !! and no cash!! this is the way to become rich at australia.

Lv boss = top richman at the world ( 100 percent customer is girl )

he is sucesss because all girl say when have Lv don’t need to eat dinner.

Alibaba = (65 percent customer is girl)

Amazon = (65 percent customer is girl too)

Small business = nearly 70 percent when you go interview all is girl !!!! don’t care which department and what business !! if a girl or secretary tell boss you are bad person i can guarantee even you have double degree still impossible to get a job.

someone say

  1. bill gate become rich because her mom help him find someone to buy his first sofeware
  2. wallen buffen become rich because when he earn his first one million he ask his wife do you want to buy a house at our small town. his wife say no,we just rent and he use this money to invest and he become rich like now
  • lee kar seng .hongkong top rich man he become rich because have someone borrow 4,3000 to start his first business. who is that .is his father in law.

So respect girl not  just can be rich at australia , might be you can become rich around the world . hope you can met one xx.

Funny story : Guess who is his.

one days he go fishing at the river, and he get aladin lamp, and aladin come out, so he ask aladin what is your wish .he looks like goodboy infront of girl . guess who is him , this man are really exist.