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Blonde Bombshell Bella

Welcome, discerning gentlemen and curious ladies. My name is Bella Harper, I’m a radiant, lively and elegant international model. I’m highly educated, well-read, expressive and articulate. I have spent most of my life in front of cameras and on runways, but I’ve also spent a lot of time mingling with and creating connections with high profile individuals, so I’m the perfect woman to take to networking events, corporate functions or even to show the calibre of woman you can date to your family and friends at social gatherings.

My body is slender and toned; I spend a lot of time taking care of myself and it shows. I’ve got a balanced diet, I’m a regular at the Pilates and yoga studio, and I love going for a swim in the ocean. My legs are long and lean, I have a taut abdomen, with a tiny waist that emphasises my shapely hips and natural C cup breasts. I have luscious lips and a perfect smile, with mesmerising deep blue eyes.My hourglass figure, heart-shaped face, smooth skin and waist-length, glossy hair is exactly what one would expect from a glamour model, but my personality is not that of an airhead or bimbo. I can hold an intellectual conversation with the sharpest of minds, I can hold my own in a game of chess or poker, and I can tantalise all your senses. I’ve long adored the art of seduction, and I believe I’ve learnt it well. I’m interested in people that engage my mind and appreciate the sensuality I exude. Whether you want a dominatrix to show you your place or a sweet, passionate girlfriend to spend time with, I’m adaptable and can be the seductress of your dreams. I’m naturally bisexual, so I’m more than happy to have bookings with women wanting some sapphic pleasure or couples looking to experiment and bring the heat back to the bedroom.

I assure you; I’ll give you an encounter that’ll stay with you forever. We can have a speedy date or a beautiful, languorous evening/weekend. I have packages to suit all affluent and established individuals. Let’s go out to dinner or to the casino, maybe we can catch a movie in Gold Class and then spend a couple of hours in my luxurious apartment or your five-star hotel. I know your time is important, as is mine, so please only send through serious enquiries. Let me know where you’re located, how long you’d like to spend with me and when, and if you have any outfit requests. I’m happy to indulge in certain fantasies, be open with me and I’ll do the same. Our time together will not be a booking or transaction, it’ll me a memorable spiritual and physical experience.

Due to cultural and language barriers, I prefer not to see Indian and Middle Eastern clients.