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About Me


Australian Born Singaporean


I am real. I am genuine. I am Stephanie Wu! I want you to understand who I am and know what excites me. That comes later though. Consider this my introduction and a teaser for all the entertaining, intellectual, and naughty stimulations to occur when we first meet.


So I am Singaporean. But, I was born in Australia. This make me ‘unique’. ‘Different’. ‘Special’. All bullshit adjectives that mean nothing but everything at the same time. Confused? Yeah thought so… Good. I’ve got you where I want you. Vulnerable that is – and now I pounce. Wowaaa, did she just crouching Tiger hidden Dragon on me? Yeah I did. And F-Y-I, I don’t mind throwing a nice five punch combo every now and again. Boom, knocked the fuck out!


I may look glamourous and I promise you that I will arouse your most intense sexual desires and satisfy every single one. One… By … One. Slowly teasing and grinding until you can’t resist. But underneath that polished exterior is an intellectual law student. I study right here in Haymarket at UTS. What the heck! Did she just say law student? Yeah, I said it. Now, If you judged me because I want to be a lawyer then don’t book me. And if you judged me because I am a law student working as an escort then fuck you and definately don’t book me!


I am who I am – simple, refreshingly smart, and full of surprises. More than that I am deep-minded and value everyone who I meet and actually want to get to know the man (or woman) behind the face. Because when I touch your inner most soul I hope I feel something ‘special’. Now whether that special moment we share together means nothing or everything to me… Well, that’s just up to you and it’s only a matter of time before I find out.


So without further ado, call or message me today and enjoy everything I have to offer!

Maybe some of the following:


-Dinner dates and endless conversation;


-Sensual foreplay including rimming, and teabagging;


-Slow, deep, and sloppy natural blowjob;


– Unforgettable, addictive, and outrageously deviant sex (natural sex available as extra)’;


– ‘Cum’ anywhere you want.


If I can stop waffling all the time I may actually be a good lawyer. Because a good lawyer, and a good slut for that matter gets straight to it and simply enjoys the experience. And I offer all sorts of twisted and fucked up experiences. Don’t worry I also offer the nice and fun experiences too. Just no anal. Which is a shame I guess! Have a look at my photos taken yesterday and just imagine you spanking me from behind while I call you Professor Felemegas and beg you to fuck me harder!


My rates are as follows:


$400 – 30 mins

$700 – 1 hours

$1300 – 2 hours

$3000 – 6 hours

$5000 – Overnight party spectacular.


Oh yes – Please don’t tell my Criminal Law Professor. But I love to party and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to end up in the HIGH court one day. Haha, don’t tell him because he might phone me up to spend some time together. Yeah, I have a pretty, umm (yeah you insert the adjective here) sense of humour. Tell me what word you inserted when you make your booking to get $50 off. Haha, that was Tina my girlfriend studying marketing who told me to write that.