Tax = Thief

Tax = Thief

The best tax system are not at australia. no matter how you do it still not at australia.

Australian mostly done thing never wrong !! you need to do what australian are doing !!

Get a zero tax tax residency or territory tax tax residency .

  • Australia Pri minister before ( he have company at caymen island ( territory tax juristiction ) Tax residency at caymen is expensive need 1000,0000. to Get.
  • Australia bank Nab bank and Westpac ( one at Labuan , one at Singapure )
  • Australia centrelink call centre ( goverment contractor ) Pay to United kingdom Company ( United Kingdom mother of Territory tax system )
  • Casino boss at zug = switzerland and bahamas )

This is the way they use to provide more job , keep more money there earn and get good deal.. why goverment not change the law ? because this is belong to 5 eyes community. if change then will become no eyes. and jobless will more then 2 million more

Google facebook amazon wework are just copy Australian strategy.

Double irish tax strategy mean cannot trust one goverment. see all of them using different juristiction.

Banker already teach you to use the tax avoid technique by bank. when?  The debit card we using that called Direct Debit. ( Australia bank worry you pay so many tax afterthat no money to pay house loan .But you still have to come have a look .really alot beautiful girl and great people.

Fully support ATA

( India, uk , italy , greece, panama switzerland, thailand, malaysian singapure ,netherland, hongkong, china. can too !!!! and much  more !!!!


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