Tax = cancer

Tax = cancer

The best tax system are not at australia. no matter how you do it still not at australia.

Australian mostly done thing never wrong !! you need to do what australian are doing !!

Get a zero tax tax residency or territory tax tax residency . ( just let you know , this kind of tax residency you can get with zero cost ) just need find real australia value accountant they will teach you .( They just want to make sure you are great people and they will teach you , you just need pay their fees, is expensive but have to pay )

now have import , export from this country vanuatu ( You guy go have a look ) because australia is a worldwide taxation, if australian want leave australia need change tax residency. is a must

Goverment control private sector is by tax , if control public service is by time. you will wonder why 38 hour i need work 5 days. the real reason is if you work 4 days you have time to find another job . ( This is the real reason goverment dont want you to know at australia ) and the super tax 15 percent . actually have to be non taxable . because this just for pension . not rich people. but unlucky your super goverment want to target it too . and this type of super fund 5.5 -6 percent return goverment allow them to fuck you off too. so very clearly the system is a corruption system . ( not include the goverment spending, you need ask your old accountant australian accountant they will tell you.


  • Australia Pri minister before ( he have company at caymen island ( territory tax juristiction ) Tax residency at caymen is expensive need 1000,0000. to Get.
  • Australia bank Nab bank and Westpac ( one at Labuan , one at Singapure )
  • Australia centrelink call centre ( goverment contractor ) Pay to United kingdom Company ( United Kingdom mother of Territory tax system )
  • Casino boss at zug = switzerland and bahamas ) ( if you know the electricity bill casino boss are paying i think you want to die
  • New generation australian at ching mai Thailand ( 5am morning wake up do online staff ) young boy , very good boy and handsome too.
  • You will find out high school teacher is like bad person because now teacher with gold hair go open school at special economy zone at oversea not at australia. mainly english school.
  • some even at hongkong and dubai ( now just because of pendemic, after pendemic australian will redo again but just not do at australia, just let you know already have one million australian moving offshoes ( both man and women)

( Australian now days have so many passport .why australian so smart, wow unbelievable!!

Big business at australia have a lot of cost . they have to earn money. and only one business at australia is guarantee earn = the department call city counser better then any business at australia.

This is the way they use to provide more job , keep more money there earn and get good deal.

Google facebook amazon wework are just copy Australian strategy.( but have to earn too so many fees )

Double irish tax strategy mean cannot trust one goverment. see all of them using different juristiction.

Banker already teach you to use the tax avoid technique by bank. when?  The debit card we using that called Direct Debit.

( Australia bank worry you pay so many tax afterthat no money to pay house loan .But you still have to come have a look .really alot beautiful girl and great people.

Fully support ATA

( India, uk , italy , greece, panama switzerland, thailand, malaysian singapure ,netherland, hongkong, china. can too !!!! and much  more !!!!

Why the rich forever never being tax = ? because the rich will run away = change passport or second passport ( you need to learn too ) even now Joe biden increase tax but the result will be the same ( Personal tax  = 0 ) 1000 year later it still zero even have minimum corporate tax it still zero . the big business who support him for winning this election . their personal tax result is the same is 0 tax.

i still dont know who the Prime minister doing money laundry at australia ( if you want to know you need ask old australian ) but i respect because i know all the money laundry are going to age care , child care and all the public facility 30 years before at australia. ( bank, share and property all involve )

Public service at australia mostly dont have efficency at all . why The real reason is no one want to do , no one want to know and no one want involve


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