is too hard now ( real and honest situation )

is too hard now ( real and honest situation )

Sydney Cocaine Dealer Arrested After Applying For JobKeeper Payment ( Australia boss )

The leader of a prominent Sydney drug syndicate is behind bars today, after attempting to apply for the $1500 a fortnight JobKeeper payment.

In his application, Mark McShane clearly states his occupation as a ‘cocaine dealer.’

“When we saw the form, we contacted police,” says an ATO worker.

As he was being arrested by police, Mark McShane told DBT that he “was just trying to be honest” on his application.

“I need financial assistance,” he says. “All the nightclubs are closed and my coke sales are down by more than 30% during COVID-19,” he claims.

Police attended the man’s Bondi Junction home where they found 1.2 kilos of cocaine, worth an estimated street value of more than $300,000.

McShane says he was applying for the JobKeeper payment on behalf of his drivers.

“I’m actually quite a big employer and I’m trying to run a business offering essential services,” he says. “But times are tough and clients aren’t spending.”

The entrepreneur is currently being held at Rose Bay police station for questioning.

It remains unclear if he qualified for the payment.

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