Real farm job problem politicion never tell you and why ?

Real farm job problem politicion never tell you and why ?

Farm is a good job . really but have problem

  1. weather ( if too hot , product no good  cannot sell good price) ice raining farming will finish on that years
  2. the supermarket ( coles . worthworth ) actully the collected price from farmer are too low.( farmer cannot really earn money
  3. the farmer really can earn money because doing export. ( but even the farm him self dont know when can get sales or no .so this is the reason sometime staff no job when already arrive. when season first day have job . might be second days china give a call say grape already full need off two days then your staff will have no job again . this the reason farmer want count contract ( $ 4.00 dollor one box if have agent might be 3.50. 3.00 )
  4. Goverment want australian go work with farm that is a joke and why .because only have 4 month job afterthat will have no job again.!!! who want to go.
  5. Farm staff is the a job that a person no money and very hard only go do even is just 4 montht but after rent and food sometime not even can get anything .very bull shit  ( boss willing to pay but just no job…….before you arrive have job . when you come will have no job . and all the time they will tell you have job . if not no one will go . .
  6. If the australian work at farm if hardworking offcouse he want take over his boss and open somewhere else . this is the reason no boss want employ australian . ( some time will have rape case happen  and not get pay at all this is happen all the time. because sometime the person who handing your money . the money already go in to casino……………
  7. Farmer i met mostly is italy and hardword and willing to pay but the problem is if he employ not enough staff at season they cannot supply oversea. and if he employ enough staff . staff become cannot earn money because profit already being share . this is the problem never can settle . at least have extra money after season . how much and no lie . farmer can get staff for sure .

They think $24-20 agent get . and agent give to staff is 19 dollor but the reality is all farmer only want to pay 19 dollor .so the agent 19 dollor pay staff 15 dollor he get 4 dollor .(  and the agent need include or supply house or become driver ) so actually the money really less so the agent first years cannot earn money , second years can earn abit around $6000 to 10,000 one month  . afterthat . You are under arrest because agaist the law . minimum wages is 19 .. but farmer only pay 19 dollor . what can he do . noting he can do and even 15 dollor oversea staff are very happy but . still dont have job ….. this is the biggest problem .

Now all the new farmer is girl, petite slim pretty face, all dont want middle person and them , dont want supply to worldwouth,cole , all want direct to the market. and dont want them involve , because they will tell you this cannot do , that, cannot do ,( but the law they set is impossible to do because have cost but they can do why because they dont have cost every thing just claim.they have lot share and house., bro if possible to met a girl is a farmer , i think can married. but you have to work until non stop because here have too many fees .even the girl dont want your money . you will still have alot of fees.9 their salary higher the minster uk and new zealand.this is the reason why they dont now what is hard and what is cost


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