Top 20 question Always Ask !

Top 20 question Always Ask !

Question at brotlel or shop

1)how many girl you have

2)do you have korea girl or australia girl

But at private

1)How old

2)what your nationality

3)is it real pic

4)You dont waste my time

5)fake if free

6)french kiss ok

7)half hour 2 time done

8) can i book tonight , tommor ,next week, next month

9)natural oral include?

10)how tall

11)are you big boob

12)how long you been in australia

13)can give discount?

14)any extra service

15)can speak english?

16)can do natural sex or anal?

17)can i filming

18)can we make friend

19)how much is the rent and how much you need to spent each month

20)why you work this job?( better no ask because they will tell you real reason and you will automatic fell sorry and run aways very fast even not finish time,but if you are bad person its not important to you you can ask what ever)

and much more!!!!

all success people  say everything need to be success have to be more mature girl involve, even this , but everybody want young, i will try our best to verify young but headache problem i am not guarantee ok .let you guy know first.every body dont like china but last all go china, too upset.everybody want western girl real age 19-24 but tell the price all run away, super upset too.

if really think will being scam no ask because message sometime will be 10 cent for one .save the 10 cent .one year later can buy a shirt.

(Only one ways you just married her so dont need to ask too much because when know long time everything can been clear)

Got your attention now? Advertisers use it to sell everything from soft drinks to cars. Open any gossip magazine and they rave on about who’s doing who. We all love it and can’t get it enough. And after years of medical research, it’s become clear that regularly getting your rocks off  is an essential component to being physically, mentally and emotionally healthy too. In case you needed a reason to ‘roll the leg over’ here are five ways sex can improve your health.

It’s a Great Form of Exercise

5 ways sex improves your health5 ways sex improves your healthAnything that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping has got to be good for you and ‘sexercise’ is no exception. Pounding the pavement may have worked for Rocky Balboa but if you want to lower your blood pressure, as well as knock out obesity, heart disease and other ailments you should be pounding something else – regularly. The number of calories you burn during sex depends on how vigorous the session, but no matter what – it’s still a better exercise option than sitting on your couch all day eating Doritos.

It can help get rid of that Headache

Ever been knocked back because she’s got a headache? Studies have shown that the body releases oxytocin during sex. This is a hormone which reduces pain. That blows (excuse the pun) this excuse out of the bedroom. It’s the classic case of killing two birds with one stone – get rid of that aching noggin’ and release all that built up sexual tension. Get naked, get off and get pain free. I’ve tried this one and it works. Or maybe I was just distracted. Either way its all good.

Sex Reduces Stress

Boss acting like a wanker again? Clients being a pain in the ass? Blood pressure rising from endless traffic jams, deadlines and demands? Sex reduces stress and releases feel-good endorphins counteracting the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone). It’s no coincidence that you sleep better after reaching the big ‘O’ being up to the shaft in warm, wet puss.

Sex can Potentially Reduce your Risk of Prostate Cancer and Erectile DysfunctionPotential conditions that scare the crap out of the average bloke. Did you know that regular “milking” reduce a man’s likelihood of developing these? Don’t have a special person on hand to crack your pepper? E&B ladies can help you out with that. Just make sure you empty that fuck tank regularly. Do the deed, spread the seed. ‘Medical reasons’. Like you needed an excuse.

See girl provide greater motivation on work

We’ve all walked around with a stupid grin on our faces after a night of getting it on. Wanking takes the edge off but a no bars (can’t help myself), sweaty, between the sheets session really empties the snake’s belly. Nothing feels as good as blowing your load. You’re invincible! You’re already thinking about getting a second one off.

When single no see girl , after married you will have no change annymore.

When young no see girl, when old will suffer

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