what man dont like

what man dont like

gentlemen met beautiful girl ( beautiful girl will have problem, gentlemen no problem)

normal girl met gentlemen (gentlemen have problem , normal girl no problem)

This is Big problem

Other country we not sure yet , but Australia 4 kingdom.

Australian : Dont like too young , want good service and dont have too many no. ( have reason but cannot tell clearly you guy think your self)

Indian ; want pretty girl , what promise have to do .( compliant because promise cannot do)

asian want : very beutiful and young. but all been promise cannot do no worry too, if is real beautiful and young girl. ( complait because old or fat

European : big boob, skinny, petitie, pretty face, service needed will be more abit then asian, but dont need very beautiful because expensive.blowjob is very important ( when see girl they like never complaint, if not will run aways faster then olympic record )

They dont like fat,old chinese dont know english, big size because heavy, they dont have power to carry,

What they like is young, pretty face, slim,petite.beautiful………………….and cheap ( but cheap are impossible to find beautiful girl ) big Trouble that no one can settle.

When economy not good , everything will discount tax will discount, market price of tax + gst or vat and company tax totally are 20 till 25 percent not include incentive if include incentive mostly can reduce till 0 or 5 percent. and so many island now all is no tax or less tax.

( because want attract investor and enterpreneur,and professional people and hardworking people to supply more job put their best product at their country and sell to the world and increase lifestyle) if above this rate will be no one. investor and hardworking people will being scare away. so 4 kingdom will stay at home only dont want to do anything if tax high .

Australian are not lazy, they want to make everything perfect but tax is super high they cannot compete so only choose to stay at home and not doing anything because they cannot compete with other and due to tax high profit margin of them are less so pls respect australian.so many product are supply from china, because cheaper price because can get tax incentive legally at china.so they can do cheap. we can do it too but need to give us competative tax cut.person who play politic pls be realistic dont play game anymore we already dont have time . everything supply from china at last we will going to die.lowest bank intereset rate to 0.25.release more goverment fund, give depreciation to 150,000 this kind policy just waste time didnot direct go to the point.tell rich and hardworking australia come back , australia can be save. visit website.

Product and service will discount. because if expensive they will be no one.

But beautiful girl really dont have discount dont care which nationality from whatever country, because golden age just 10 years. after this will be no one.so pls be realistic avoid wasting time.


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