Why must become good person !!!

Why must become good person !!!

As knowledge we get  beautiful girl all want met rich man , so can get some knowledge and someone to look after her

AUD 20,0000 per month after tax is she hope her man can earn .being verify by aussie girl , european girl , chinese girl indian girl korea girl but all is beautiful girl.money beautiful girl will spent each month is AUD5,000.

But rich man at australia normally have no cash and no hair and no time. so it is too hard to see so it just a dream.

Second choice .Beautiful girl all want see nice person . what is nice person ?


  1. Not calculate about money with her i mean the small money like dinner .
  2. Not talk bad words with her
  3. Dont everything want to do.
  4. No rude to the girl
  5. respect girl (because everybody not easy)

This is the man beautiful girl hope to met, so you do what girl want at last you will get what you want.Mostly this kind of man at his life will have chance met all kind of beautiful he wish to see. if he miss this time sure he will get at another time.

The most naughty man at our life actually is our grandpa,due to he respect grandma so we are here now. We are noting to loss, if met girl we dont like , we dont need spent money is very good too . do you think so . learn from our grandpa become a good man and we will get what we want. !!!!!

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